Copper and brass masterfully crafted by experts

Burnished copper and brass at their most beautiful – we have made a major step forward in our development of new surface finishes.
The parts with the amazing surface effects, which developed in the course of the initial tests we performed on the metal surfaces, are easy to process. We have already fitted a kitchen island with the new copper and brass fronts.
“We are delighted that we will soon be able to offer our customers an even greater selection of exclusive surfaces”, says CEO Dirk Obenhaus. What the company now has to focus on is ensuring the new surfaces are suitable for everyday use. “Here, too, we are confident we are on the right track!”


Fancy a special surface finish experience? Call by our showroom. Give us a quick call beforehand to let us know when you would like to come – even at short notice.
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Experimental workshop

Treating surfaces and providing them with special finishes requires expertise, know-how and inventive talent. This is the very reason why Dirk Obenhaus, Managing Director of Stadler Edelstahl, likes to meet regularly with other experts from the field to try out new methods and processes. "The more sophisticated the know-how and techniques are that we at Stadler dispose over, the better and more purposefully we can respond to architects' and kitchen designers' ideas and wishes," says Dirk Obenhaus. "Or demonstrate to them what is achievable!"


The first step for Dirk Obenhaus, himself a qualified precision mechanic, is to stage an "experimental workshop" – this time with master coppersmith Peter Leiss, who is in fact one of the last to still be practising this craft. Together they test and try out different ways of achieving refined finishes on copperplate. What effects can be created by applying which acids? How can they best be preserved in the long term, and be developed to become a finished product? What is infinitely valuable in this process is Peter Leiss′s decades of experience coupled with his masterly skills and craftsmanhip, which is not taught as such anymore.


Copper at its best: chemically treated burnished copper can look amazingly attractive, but is not yet really suitable for daily use – we are working on it!


Cologne Furniture Fair 2017

At LivingKitchen 2017 Stadler Edelstahl presented kitchen furniture fronts made of burnished copper. The stand comprised a seamlessly incorporated cooking island, a sideboard with a silverTouch finish as well as further unique items made for a real eye-catcher for a large number of visitors. The combination of stainless steel with copper furniture fronts, the apparently playful approach to working with highly diverse materials, and perfect craftsmanship all made a convincing impression on specialist retailers, kitchen manufacturers and all those interested in the processing and application of building products.



New factory opened



Following a construction period of just six months – Stadler Edelstahl have now opened their second factory “Werk Zwei”. We are delighted to have made this step to expand our company. 


Aktion Mensch


We support Germany′s "Aktion Mensch" 2017 social lottery project.




Stadler Edelstahl image brochure 2016


2016 brochure: in January we presented our new corporate image brochure: CREATE EXPERIENCE ENJOY

You can download a PDF of the brochure here.


Küchenmeile kitchen exhibition at the moated castle Gut Böckel 2015


Success all along the line: Gut Böckel 2015 again gave us the opportunity to hold many interesting discussions, entertain some surprising visits to our stand, and gain a great deal of positive feedback from potential clients and customers.

It is with mixed feelings that we bid farewell to this presentation format. In 2017 we will be taking our trade fair presence to the next level and exhibiting at LivingKitchen in Cologne.


Premium manufacturers opt for silverTouch

Applied on its own or in combination with other materials, silverTouch is a top favourite among kitchen outfitters, especially when they are involved with the development and construction of high-quality fittings. We work together with manufacturers, kitchen specialists/studios, architects, designers, carpenters and joiners on a regular basis. The stainless steel surface with its unique-look finish is processed and marketed exclusively by us.


Küchenmeile kitchen exhibition at the moated castle Gut Böckel 2014



New highlights earn a great deal of attention: be it toughSteel – the classy black stainless steel product, silverEdge – the exclusive, cutting-edge design detail, or the mobile outdoor cooking unit: Stadler products attracted the attention of a large number of visitors to the Stadler exhibition space at Gut Böckel.