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Stadler Edelstahl-Broschüre - Stadler Edelstahl

Stadler Edelstahl-Broschüre

Stadler Edelstahl brochure

You would like more information? Download a PDF of our latest brochure here.

Pflegeanleitungen  silverTouch - Stadler Edelstahl

Pflegeanleitungen silverTouch

Maintenance instructions for silverTouch

Please read prior to using the worktop for the first time and only apply the recommended cleaning products.

Download the PDF file with the maintenance instructions (German language) here.

Video tutorial German/English on the initial care of silverTouch surfaces/finishes

Video tutorial German/English on the regular care and maintenanceof silverTouch surfaces/finishes

Video tutorial German/English on how to treat common household stains or soiling on silverTouch surfaces/finishes

Video tutorials

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General Terms and Conditions

Our business customers are welcome to download a PDF of our General Terms and Conditions here.
Note: The English translation of the original German text is provided as a service to our international customers.
Any business relationship between Stadler Edelstahl and their customers is based on German commercial law.